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Challenges, Contests, Games

Current/Future Challenges, Contests, and Games

Flaunt Your Age!
May is Older Americans Month.  Are you a septuagenarian, octogenarian, nonagenarian, or older?  People of all ages are invited to share their birthdays and see themselves represented under the correct age category.  The oldest patron to fill out a form will win a gift card, generously donated by the Friends of the Library.  Flaunt Your Age! will run from May 9 – May 26 at the Loma Colorado Main Library.  You can enter online here.

Past Challenges, Contests, and Games

Poet's Crossword
April is National Poetry Month.  Can you match famous poetry lines with the correct poets in a crossword puzzle?  From April 3 through April 28, Loma Colorado Main Library invites you to pick up an entry form and look up the answers if you don’t already know them.  The crossword puzzles with the most correct entries will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to Rio Rancho’s China Kitchen.  Funded by the Friends of the Library of Rio Rancho.
The winner was Marcia P. See the answers here

Where would you go on Spring Break?
If money were no object, where would YOU go for spring break?  Vote at the Loma Colorado Main Library between March 6 and March 25, and you could win a prize! (Unfortunately it will not be a trip to the place of your dreams, but would you settle for a getaway to the movies?)  One entry form per library card, please. Funded by the Friends of the Library of Rio Rancho, Inc. - The winner location was Maui, Hawaii and the winner of the drawing was Kelly M. 

Celebrity Encounters!

February wraps up with the Academy Awards on the 26th.  Do you have a story or photo you would like to share of a celebrity encounter you have experienced?  Between February 6 and 25, pick up and fill out a form at the Loma Colorado Main Library.  All entries will be displayed in the library, and the winner of the drawing will receive a gift card for Premiere Cinema 14 in Rio Rancho, donated by the Friends of the Library of Rio Rancho. -
The Winner was Michele R.