Abandoned Residential Property Registration

In December 2011, the Rio Rancho Governing Body approved a new ordinance titled "Abandoned Residential Property Registration."

View the ordinance (MS Word).


Pursuant to city ordinance (Chapter 99), certain information is required to be submitted for a vacant or foreclosed property in the City of Rio Rancho.

Online Registration/Credit Card Payment

Downloadable Registration Form/Payment Instructions (to submit via mail)

Submit this form to Deregister an abandoned property  

For questions, please call (505) 891-5864.


The registration fee is $50. The fee is intended to cover city administrative requirements.


Any violation of the proposed ordinance is subject to citation into Municipal Court as a petty misdemeanor.


Vacant properties have wreaked havoc across the country in that these properties more often than not are neglected by the mortgagee, whether the mortgagee is an individual or a financial institution.

These vacant properties often become a blight upon the community and can, if they remain vacant long enough, become attractive nuisances. However, many of these properties do not rise to the level of a true public nuisance, wherein the city can clean up the property (or even demolish it as unsafe in certain circumstances), and place a lien upon the property. Rather, many are simply unkempt and unsightly, and can lower property values in the neighborhood, as well as discourage potential buyers. A major problem for municipal Code Enforcement in these foreclosure cases is the ability to locate and speak to/cite the current owners. In many if not most cases, the legal owner of the vacant, foreclosed home is the mortgagee.

This ordinance is similar to other ordinances in other cities experiencing this vacant property problem and addresses the issue of identification of current ownership and applies certain responsibilities to the owners. It generally declares such abandoned, vacant properties to be public nuisances; requires the mortgagee/owner of such properties to inspect the properties upon default; register each property with the city annually as long as it is vacant; provide contact information for the mortgagee/owner and its property maintenance company; maintain the property to specified standards; secure the property to specified standards; and implement any other maintenance/security measures as may be appropriate to the specific circumstances.

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