Selection Process

Phase I: Preliminary Application Form

All applicants will complete an on-line Preliminary Application Form.This form is used to screen eligibility requirements for Police Officers.Additionally, the form allows the applicant to address certifications that have been attained.

The Rio Rancho Police Department seeks applicants who have certifications and/or experience in law enforcement or military service.Applicants who meet the basic eligibility requirements will be evaluated and may be chosen to continue in the selection process.The job descriptions and department profile statement should be reviewed to ensure you understand basic expectations and qualifications for the applied position.To become a qualified applicant, each phase of the selection process must be completed.Each phase of the selection process is based on individual performances.

All applicants will receive a letter from the Training and Recruiting Division when the Department is screening applicants.

Applicants are responsible for all expenses incurred by them in connection with the Medical Clearance to test, meals, travel, lodging, etc., when reporting for tests, physical assessments, evaluations and interviews.All physical and psychological tests will be either furnished or paid by the department.It is the applicant's responsibility to notify the Police Department, in writing, of any conflict with the examination dates, times or locations.Should an applicant not appear for any part of the selection processes, this will result in disqualification from consideration

Phase II: Physical Fitness Assessment

Applicants who reach this stage are required to bring a Physical Assessment Medical Clearance Form signed by their physician prior to performing any assessment.These forms can be obtained from this website or the Police Department Recruiting Office.If an applicant fails to bring the Medical Clearance form to the Physical Fitness Assessment, the applicant will not be allowed to test.

Prior to beginning the Assessment, a Physical Fitness and Wellness Instructor will give an explanation of the physical labors placed on the individuals and allow applicants to express concerns or questions.This assessment consists of a 1.5 mile run, sit and reach, push-ups, and sit-ups.This selection phase assesses the applicant's fitness in absolute strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, and dynamic strength.

Phase III: Written Examination

Applicants who pass the physical assessment will continue on to the written exam, which will be given on the same day, in the afternoon.The written examination is a validated police officer examination.It will be administered, evaluated and scored by Police Department personnel.This examination tests the applicant on 12th grade level of reading, comprehension, spelling, math and writing skills.Applicants must score at least 70% on each section of the written exam.

Phase IV: Oral Review Interview

Upon successful completion of the previous phases, the applicant will participate in a structured oral board interview consisting of departmental members of varying rank.During this formal interview, the applicant will have the opportunity to discuss attributes that make them a competitive applicant, their education, life and work experience, and other relevant topics.

Phase V: Background Investigation

A thorough investigation into the applicant's background will be conducted to verify or refute information provided by the applicant in their completed Personal Integrity Questionnaire.This investigation is for employment purposes only, and includes, but is not limited to, interviews of prior employers, coworkers, family members, acquaintances, as well as criminal history checks and the utilization of all resources available to the investigator.

Phase VI: File Review and Chief's Selection

Upon completion of the background investigation, the findings of said investigation will be reviewed for clarity and completeness by the Training and Recruiting staff, then forwarded up the chain of command for final employment determination to be made by the Chief of Police or his designee.

Phase VII: Conditional Offer of Employment

If the Chief or his designee approve the applicant, a conditional offer of employment will be drafted. This offer advises of the Rio Rancho Police Department's intent to offer full-time employment to the applicant should the applicant successfully complete the following steps.

Phase VIII: Medical Exam and Psychological Screening and Drug Testing

The applicant will be required to submit to and successfully pass a Medical Exam, drug screening, and psychological screening prior to moving on to the next phase of the hiring process. The applicant may be required to submit to a polygraph examination as part of the hiring process. All expenses pertaining to these tests are paid for by the Rio Rancho Police Department.

Phase IX: Academy Training

Applicants who successfully pass Phase VIII of the hiring process will be considered Cadets and will attend the next available training academy. For more information about the academy, see Recruit Training Program.

Phase X: Field Officer Training Program

Upon successful completion of the Basic Police Officer Academy, newly commissioned officers will begin the field training program (on the job training). For the next 12 to 14 weeks they will be integrated into the career while being trained in the field by experienced Police Officers. They will advance through three phases of the program concluding in their ability to operate effectively as a solo officer in the field.

Phase XI: Completion of Probationary Period

Once released from the FTO program, officers will complete the remainder of their probationary period on patrol under the supervision of a patrol Sergeant. Before the conclusion of the probationary period, officers will attend a probationary review board that will convene to determine whether the officer shall remain with the department.

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