How to Clear a Suspended License

There are many reasons why a driver's license may be suspended. Some examples are:
  • Unpaid child support
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Failure to pay a citation
  • Having accumulated too many points
If you find your license suspended, the first place to start the process to clear the suspension would be your closest Motor Vehicle Division office. You can ask the clerk for a copy of your driving history and find out what exactly is suspending your license. The Motor Vehicle clerk will be able to tell you which court has placed the suspension on your license and why. Once you find out which court is suspending your license, you can go to that court and either pay out the fines or set a court appearance and clear your outstanding citations. When you have completed your obligation to that court you will be a given a clearance letter, which you can then bring to the next court (in the event you are suspended from more than one) or directly to the Motor Vehicle Division office where you will pay a reinstatement fee and have your license reinstated.

In Rio Rancho Municipal Court, you will be given the opportunity to clear everything and come back to the Court office and show a reinstated license. When you show your cleared license, your citation for Unlawful Use of License will be amended to a citation for No Driver's License and you will be charged a lesser fine.

If you fail to show a cleared license, our citation for Unlawful Use of License will be submitted to the Motor Vehicle Division as a conviction and will automatically suspend your privilege to drive for another year. Each conviction of Unlawful Use of License will result in a suspension of your license for another year. In addition, a conviction of Unlawful Use of License carries a substantially higher fine and the possibility of jail time. If you are convicted of driving on a revoked license due to an alcohol offense, that offense carries a mandatory seven day jail sentence and a mandatory $500.00 fine. There is no way to clear a revoked license but to wait out the suspension period and not drive.