Water Service Line Replacement (Multiple Phases) [Phase 8]

Project Manager Stephanie DuBois
Office Phone: (505) 896-8776
E-Mail: sdubois@rrnm.gov
Contract Company: New Concepts, Inc.
Cost: $  1,442,888.66
Stage: Award
Schedule: November 2020 - September 2021
The City of Rio Rancho (City) has an ongoing Water Service Line Replacement (WSLR) Program that replaces existing polyethylene water service connections with new Type “K” copper water line services from the main line in the street to the connection at the meter.

Current Phase:

  • Phase 8:

    • Construction will begin November 2020.

Previous Phases:

  • Phase 7:

    • Substantial completion was 3/23/2020.
  • Phase 6:

    • Water Service Lines Replaced: 402
    • New Meters Installed: 148
  • Phase 5:

    • Water Service Lines Replaced: 656
    • New Meters Installed: 353
  • Phase 4:

    • Water Service Lines Replaced: 653
    • New Meters Installed: 302
  • Phase 3:

    • Water Service Lines Replaced: 1,023
    • New Meters Installed: 206
  • Phase 2:

    • Water Service Lines Replaced: 895
    • New Meters Installed: 545
  • Phase 1:

    • Water Service Lines Replaced: 535
    • New Meters Installed: 158
  • Grand Total (through all previous phases):

    • Water Service Lines Replaced: 4,164
    • New Meters Installed: 1,712

Serviced Areas:

Phase 6 Roads  (in alphabetical order)
4th Avenue NE
7th Avenue NE
Clayton Meadows Drive NE
Asbury Road NE
David Court NE
Montreal Loop NE
Ottawa Drive NE
Pinion Meadows Drive NE
Pumice Drive NE
Pumice Loop NE
Quartz Drive NE
Robert Court NE
Russel Court NE
Santa Fe Meadows Drive NE
Snowden Court NE
Sundt Court NE
Taos Meadows Drive NE
Tigris Road NE
Trinity Drive NE
Phase 5 Roads  (in alphabetical order)
Albany Hills Drive Pagosa Meadows Drive
Aldan Drive Paradise Court
Aubry Hills Drive Rae Court
Augusta Hills Drive Solano Meadows Drive
Bronco Drive Superstition Drive
Cabot Hills Court Toadlena Meadows Drive
Clark Hills Drive Tobol Court
Cochise Court Virginia Court
Deming Meadows Drive Winston Meadows Drive
Franzen Hills Court  
Gambia Drive  
Glen Hills Drive  
Glorieta Meadows Drive  
Hayworth Hills Drive  
La Mirage Court  
Logan Meadows Drive  
Lyndsey Hills Place  
Mackenzie Drive  
Montreal Way  
Ottawa Court  
Phase 4 Roads  (in alphabetical order)  
Aberdeen Drive SE Inverness Drive SE Sapphire Drive NE
Algodones Court SE Laird Court SE Solar Court SE
Apex Court SE Lepus Court SE Valley Vista Court SE
Ashkirk Loop SE Limestone Court NE  
Ashkirk Place SE Limestone Drive NE  
Bramble Court SE Manzanita Court SE  
Bravo Court SE Mesa Vista Court SE  
Brierwood Court SE Mica Drive NE  
Copper Creek Road SE Mirage Court SE  
Coral Drive NE Moonstone Drive NE  
Dundee Way SE Nova Court SE  
Epic Court SE Opal Drive NE  
Estrellita Road SE Orbit Court SE  
Fiat Court SE Pearl Drive NE  
Glendale Court SE Ponderosa Court SE  
Greenock Drive SE Pumice Drive NE  
Gypsum Court NE Sagebrush Court SE  
Gypsom Drive NE Sandia Vista Court SE  
Hermit Falls Drive SE Sandstone Drive NE  
Hydra Road SE Sandy Lane Court SE  
Phase 3 Roads  (in alphabetical order)    
1st Street SW Capri Court SE Itasca Road SE Sunset Road SE
2nd Street (dirt) SW Cascade Court SE Jewel Court SE Tahoe Court SE
2nd Street SW Cascade Road SE Karen Lane SE Tarpon Avenue SE
3rd Street SW Cascade Way SE Kenya Road SE Thunder Road SE
4th Avenue SW Cherish Court SE Mindoro Drive SE Timor Road SE
4th Street SW Comanche Court SE Mira Court SE Treasure Court SE
5th Avenue SW Comanche Road SE Mohawk Street SW Treasure Drive SE
5th Street SW Daybreak Road SE Montego Court SE Tula Court SE
19th Street SE Eventide Road SE Montego Drive SE Tula Drive SE
Arizona Street SE Everest Road SE Navajo Lane SE Tulip Road SE
Arlene Place SE Foraker Road SE Orange Drive SE Twilight Road SE
Arlene Road SE Golden Court SE Osceola Road SE Value Court SE
Athens Court SE Granite Court SE Paiute Road SE Vancouver Court SE
Atlantic Road SE Hillcrest Drive SE Plata Drive SE Vancouver Drive SE
Bali Road SE Hood Court SE Rodeo Loop SE Vancouver Place SE
Baltic Way SE Hood Place SE Spur Court SE Vancouver Road SE
Basin Court SE Hood Road SE Spur Place SE Victor Lane SE
Bermuda Drive SE Hood Way SE Spur Road SE Whitney Road SE
Bhutan Drive SE Idalia Road SW Spur Way SE Zuni Court SE
Borealis Avenue SE Idalia Road SW Sun Court SE Zuni Road SE
Phase 2 Roads   (in alphabetical order)  
17th Street SE Gregory Court SE Utah Meadows SE
32nd Circle SE Hartford Hills Drive SE Virginwood Road SE
Albany Hills Court NE Juneau Hills Drive SE  
Albany Hills Drive NE Lema Road SE  
Alda Road SE Longhorn Road SE  
Arkansas Street SE May Circle SE  
Atlanta Hills Drive SE Orchid Drive SE  
Augusta Hills Drive SE Player Loop SE  
Bismark Hills Way SE Pomona Hills Court SE  
Brazos Drive SE Quixote Drive SE  
Campfire Road SE Raleigh Hills Drive SE  
Chaps Road SE Saffin Drive SE  
Christopher Court SE Silver Saddle Road SE  
Concord Hills Loop SE Sommerset Drive SE  
Corsica Drive SE Stallion Road SE  
Darlene Road SE Star Villa Circle SE  
Dearborn Hills Drive SE Sunflower Drive SE  
Erlinda Road SE Topeka Hills Drive SE  
Fornax Road SE Trenton Hills Drive SE  
Glen Hills Drive SE Twisted Juniper Road SE  
Phase 1 Roads (in alphabetical order)
Baltic Avenue SE
Brenda Road SE
Lisbon Avenue SE
Pecos Loop SE
Wagon Train Drive SE
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