Wifi Hotspots

Use your library card to check out a mobile Hotspot, providing you with free internet access.  

  • The mobile Hotspots may be checked out from the reference desks.
  • Customers must have a valid library card.
  • Hotspots may be checked out by adult cardholders with full access accounts, in good standing. Customers under 18 will need a parent or guardian to borrow the Hotspot.
  • Hotspots can be checked out for 7 days.
  • You can place a hold with our catalog. You have 48 hours to pick up the Hotspot. 
  • In order to benefit the greatest number of customers, Hotspots are not eligible for renewal. You must wait 24 hours before you can check out the device again. 
  • All components (Hotspot, charger, cord, and piece case) must be present upon return for the library to consider the item checked in.
  • Instruction cards are included with the Hotspots.
  • Replacement for the Hotspot is $100.
  • Hotspots & required parts can be checked out and returned to either library at the reference desk. Please do not put the Hotspot in the book drop. 

How to connect your device to the T-Mobile Hotspot:

  1. Press & Hold the Hotspot's power button until the icons turn blue. 
  2. Make sure the WiFi is enabled on your device.
  3. On your device, view the list of available networks. Select the one that matches the one listed on the back of the hotspot.(SSID:XXXXXX)
  4. Enter the password (case sensitive) which can be found on the inside of the plastic storage case. (Password:XXXXX)
  5. Your device should show it has connected to the network (see icon on top right).
  6. Connect to the internet.
  7. To turn the Hotspot off, press and hold the power button. 
  8. Do not use your computer to charge the Hotspot. Please use the included USB cord and outlet connector to charge it with a wall socket. Using your computer can cause problems. 


How much does it cost?

  • Borrowing and using the device is free. If the device is lost or damaged beyond repair, a $100 fee will be charged to your Library account.

How do I renew it?

  • In order to benefit the most customers, the Hotspots are not renewable. You must wait 24 hours before you can check one out again. 

What information about my Internet usage, if any, is tracked by the Library or the service provider?

  • Your Internet usage is not tracked by the Library or the service provider.

Can I use the Hotspot outside of the U.S.?

  • No, the Hotspots only work in the U.S.

What is the coverage area?

  • Please refer to the T-Mobile map at this link.