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Brainfuse JobNow

Looking for that first job, seeking to climb the success ladder or changing to a different career?  Brainfuse JobNow is an impressive resource that provides the job seeking tools, tips, and information required to obtain employment in the highly competitive job market.  Look into Brainfuse JobNow to determine what type of job to pursue and where to look for employment, use the resume writing tools, or the live interview coaches that are available every day from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM MST to practice interviewing skills and  to prepare for a job interview.  Create an account by accessing the Brainfuse JobNow resource through the Rio Rancho Library here.

Brainfuse JobNow is a user friendly and free website that provides resources to assist in determining a person’s strengths and interests and also lists other online sites for job seekers.  There are interest profiles and aptitude tests available that may be used to help determine possible occupations that may be of interest.   A live Job Coach is available Monday through Sunday from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM MST to help search for job postings. Or use the online resources to view nationwide and local avenues for finding available jobs.  Locally in New Mexico, Brainfuse lists the New Mexico Workforce Connection, New Mexico Education Jobs and UNM jobs sites to mention a few.  After determining what type of job and where to look for a job, get busy and perfect that resume.  

Brainfuse JobNow provides many helpful resume writing tools to perfect a resume.  There are three different resume writing templates available that are tailored to personal needs and personal circumstances to choose from.  These templates provide a neat format with attractive fonts, and suggestions and examples of what to include in the document.  View a resume writing tutorial, submit the document to the resume lab for feedback, or chat with a resume expert any day of the week from 2:00 PM – 11:00 PM MST to polish up  a resume.  Once an impressive resume has been submitted and an invitation for an interview has been initiated, explore how this wonderful resource can help in preparing to make a great in-person impression.

Brainfuse JobNow gives tips and suggestions for what to do before, during and after an all-important job interview.  Explore a list of questions that may be asked during the interview, including the difficult job specific technical questions.  Review sample question responses and learn how to answer a question when experience or knowledge may be lacking.  There are also suggestions for questions to ask interviewers.   There are guidelines as to what to do and not do during an interview and a few after interview etiquette suggestions, such as sending a thank you note.  

Now that you are familiar with all the help Brainfuse JobNow has to offer, give it a try and be prepared to go after that dream job.  Wishing you the best of luck in finding a job.

Here is the link to access Brainfuse JobNow through the Rio Rancho Library.