Tierra Del Oro PID


The Tierra Del Oro Public Improvement District was established in 2019 by Resolution No. 24 (Enactment No. 19-028), for the purpose of financing the Tierra Del Oro subdivision infrastructure such as sanitary sewer, water, and drainage improvements, including associated landscaping, grading, and various soft costs. The PID encompasses approximately 50 acres of land, to consist of an estimated 139 single-family residential units, 95 townhome units, 238 multi-family units and approximately ten acres of commercial uses.

Formation Resolution

Notice of Information


The Tierra Del Oro District is generally bounded on the south by Cardiff Avenue NE, on the west by Edinburgh Street NE, on the north by Hedingham Avenue NE and on the east by Broadmoor Boulevard NE, with Havencrest Avenue NE running east/west through the property.


Steven Perkins, 505-896-8700, sperkins@rrnm.gov