Los Diamantes PID


The Los Diamantes Public Improvement District was established on April 08, 2021 by Resolution No. 37 (Enactment No. 21-036), for the purpose of financing the development of approximately 137 acres in Unit 10 (along Westside Blvd. west of Unser Blvd). The District is estimated to include 578 residential homes. The PID will prioritize reimbursement for the construction of on-site public infrastructure to include earthwork, drainage, street paving and utilities, public landscaping and streetlights. 

Formation Resolution



The proposed PID is located in Unit 10, along Westside Blvd. west of Unser Blvd. The PID’s geographic boundaries are generally described as bounded on the south by Isabel Road SE, on the west by Viga Road SE and on the east by 10TH Street SE. Privately-owned, undeveloped parcels are directly north of the Project. The proposed business park is excluded from the boundaries of the PID. While the acreage of the entire project is ±174 acres, the PID itself is ±137 acres.


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