2021 City Redistricting Information

With the recent release of a portion of the 2020 Census data by the U.S. Census Bureau, the Governing Body will soon begin its duty of preparing a Redistricting Plan, as required by law. 

The Plan shall use the census data to redraw geographic city council district boundaries that reflect the following criteria - 

  1. Conform with the Federal Voting Rights Act and with the principle of "one person - one vote", as required by law;
  2. Consist of contiguous territory which shall be compact and convenient;
  3. Preserve communities of interest, including those based on economic, geographic, or ethnic characteristics within a single district, to the extent reasonable and practical;
  4. Must have substantially equal population (+/- five percent), and
  5. Must be divided into six single council districts.

projected timeline

  1. Once all of the census data is provided, an independent contractor will analyze it and develop initial redistricting plan options
  2. Public meetings will be held by the Governing Body in October 2021 to discuss the options and obtain citizen input, and
  3. A final redistricting plan, via ordinance, must be adopted by December 2021, in time for use in the 2022 Municipal Officer Election.


Please contact the City Clerk's Office for questions regarding the 2021 Redistricting Plan at 505-891-5004 or email clerk@rrnm.gov