Candidates and Campaign Committees

The  Candidate Guide offers information to be used by candidates, campaign committees and individuals either involved or interested in the municipal election process.  It includes information on candidate qualifications, important election dates, required forms and much more.

Campaign Registration Requirements §30.25, R.O. 2003 

Each candidate shall establish a Candidate Campaign Committee, when declaring candidacy. If any changes occur during the campaign, please use the form to file updated information with the City Clerk no later than 7 days from when the change occurred. Candidate Campaign Committee Registration Form

Non-candidate Campaign Committees must also register with the City Clerk within 7 days of formation, but in no case later than the date on which a committee initiates dissemination of campaign advertisement.  Campaign Committee  Registration Form

Campaign Committee is defined as "Any combination of two or more persons acting jointly for the principal purpose of supporting or opposing the election of a candidate or the adoption or defeat of one or more ballot questions". §30.21, R.O. 2003

Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements

Click here for information about reporting contributions and expenditures, to include due dates and necessary forms.

Political and Campaign Advertisement 

Political signs are permitted on public and private property and are regulated by ordinance.  To obtain a permit to place political signage on public or private property, please review, complete and submit the Sign Application 

Signage Disclaimer Requirements §30.27, R.O. 2003

  • All campaign advertisements shall contain a disclaimer to include the name of the candidate, or campaign committee who has authorized the advertisement, or if paid for by an independent expenditure, a statement including the words “paid for by” followed by the name of the person, organization or entity who made the independent expenditure.
  • The disclaimer shall be placed conspicuously in a legible manner on printed material or electronic communications, such as websites or social media sites, clearly spoken, when transmitted via audio broadcast means, and both legible and clearly spoken for visual media advertisements. 
  • A disclaimer is not required on printed campaign material such as pins, bumper stickers and other comparably sized items on which the disclaimer cannot reasonably be printed or displayed.